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They expression, "the devil is in the details" has special meaning when shipping container to Italy or any other overseas destination. Container freight vessels carry millions of tons of goods in tens of thousands of containers to ports throughout the world every single day. Making sure that a single container of household goods reaches it destination safely and on time requires vigilance and experience.

The International Organization for Standardization (IOS) has created strict guidelines that the entire international container shipping industry adheres to. Within their guidelines, everything from the shipping order to the standardization of the sizes and types of required containers is outlined. Among the important considerations for private individuals shipping household goods overseas are the proper loading of their personal goods and the handling of the shipping instructions by the container freight company of their choice.

Neither the shipping company nor the shipper will take responsibility for damage to inadequately boxed or crated goods. It is important, therefore, to pay special attention to the packing of everything. Sturdy cardboard boxes of the appropriate size should be used. The small investment in new boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and other protective fillers will ensure that nothing gets broken in transit.

The shipping order (S/O) is a vital document and must be filled out meticulously and accurately. When shipping container to Italy, this is the one document that can be used to track your shipment and claim it when it reaches its destination. Among the information included on the S/O is the name and contact details of the owner of the goods, the customs broker or forwarders contact details, the name of the vessel, the ETD (Estimated Time of Departure), ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), the type of goods and the number of boxes. Also included is the space booking number, without which it would be impossible to locate your particular container.

There are many good container freight companies to choose from. However, as in any industry, there are also some "bad apples." In order to avoid inadvertently choosing one of these, check online forums and consumer advocate organizations such as the Better Business Bureau before committing to an international container shipping company. While in the vast majority of cases everything goes smoothly, occasionally a company may cut corners by contracting a cheap shipper to carry a shipping container to Italy. The vessel may not sail at the time that is most convenient for the customer or it may stop at more ports along the way, thus slowing delivery time.

No matter what company you choose, double check their shipping details. This can be done online or through daily newspapers, which carry the names of the vessels and their departure and arrival dates. Also be aware that because of the nature of oceanic shipping, both arrival and departure times are estimates only, though generally they are close to accurate.

If you and your container freight company have done everything according to IOS standards, there is little chance of disappointment. Shipping container to Italy is done every day with very little incidence of loss, damage or theft.

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Container Ports in Italy

There are 10 Container Ports in Italy: Port of Ancona, Port of Augusta, Port of Bari, Port of Cagliari, Port of Catania, Port of Civitavecchia, Port of Faenza, Port of Genova, Port of Gioia Tauro, Port of La Spezia

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